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High Frequency, High Impact!

The flagship GEN Highlights Daily and Weekly eNewsletter delivers your message to an engaged audience 6 times per week (Mon-Sat). Redesigned for high impact, the innovative new layout provides maximum exposure for your ad alongside GEN’s trusted editorial content and is the perfect choice for time sensitive promotions.

90,000 Mon-Fri + 35,000 Weekly Edition = 125,000 Delivered per week! (Saturday)

NEW FOR 2016! DOUBLE YOUR EXPOSURE to 250,000 | Extend your campaign with an additional send.


• Week-long exposure
• A/B testing

• High ad clicks
• Additional reporting

 GEN represents thoroughly engaged and solid trade journalism.”

Christel Fenge, Ph.D.
Vice President of Marketing, Fermentation Technologies
Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Extended Exposure!

Extend your ad buy with a single package purchase of three unique eNewsletters including GEN’s content-rich eTOC, Editors’ Picks, and New Product Watch. Each eNewsletter is deployed on a separate week throughout the entire month, giving you prolonged ad exposure and high ad click opportunity.

  • eTOC (magazine preview) – 23,500 subscribers
  • Editor’s Picks (top curated content of the month) – 28,000 subscribers
  • New Product Watch (your product/service listed with a detailed description and corresponding image) – 23,6000 subscribers

23,600 New Product Watch + 23,500 eTOC Alert + 28,000 Editors Pick = 75,100 Delivered per month!


  • Month-long exposure
  • High ad clicks

Precision Targeting!

The GEN Tech Focus eNewsletter provides a unique opportunity to showcase your product or service to a targeted audience interested in a specific technology.

Single Sponsor
Showcase your message exclusively alongside GEN content. Sponsor can also highlight related products, videos, and application notes in the Toolbox section.

Multi Sponsor
Choose a pre-selected topic that targets the audience you want to reach.


  • Focused reach
  • Long shelf-life

Featured Topics:

January – Genome Editing


June – RNAi

February – Next-Gen Sequencing


September – Epigenetics

March - Digital PCR


October – Protein Expression

April - Immunotherapeutics


November – Flow Cytometry

May – Stem Cells