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Take advantage of GEN’s multiple media channels for a fully integrated advertising and marketing campaign. GEN’s trusted editorial content and suite of products are ideal vehicles for delivering your message to largest, most influential group of biotech and pharma professionals around the world, and most importantly…GEN delivers results!

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Influential Audience

Qualified Buyers
Reach highly engaged members of the global life science industry and academic communities who directly influence purchasing decisions. Connect with your best prospects in key demographic segments like company, job title, organization and actively used technologies.

Global Reach
Our combined print and online audiences give you access to a powerful community of biopharmaceutical professionals in high growth international markets. Count on GEN to facilitate your market penetration globally.

Highly Engaged
Many GEN audience members are subscribed to more than one product. Our new GENSelect Content will enable us to track the viewing habits, topic interests and frequency of visits for each registered individual on the website and new mobile app.

GEN Delivers Purchasing Power | GEN provides you with unrivalled exposure to key decision-makers, 93%* have money and the authority to make purchasing decisions.
The Audience Leader

Custom campaigns for maximum impact
and engagement across print and digital platforms

Amplify Message
New channels have created opportunities to reach a broader spectrum of audiences more effectively. Move beyond the traditional “silo” marketing approach and use GEN to help create an integrated presence to deliver your message across day parts and multiple media channels: print, online display, video, email, mobile and social media.

Purchasing Focused Platforms
We’ve designed GEN’s content-driven platforms based on the information needs of our audience at different stages of the purchasing lifecycle. According to analyst firm SiriusDecisions - 70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a live sales person. GEN’s platforms will deliver your messages and content to potential customers against the backdrop of our trusted editorial environment to help with their buying decisions.

New Digital Channels
Go where your customers are going. Life science professionals are increasingly using mobile and social media channels to be more productive wherever they are – in the lab, office or at home. GEN’s new Mobile App and Social Ad Programs put you on the forefront of these new marketing frontiers.

Dedicated Team

The GEN team blends superior topic expertise and industry knowledge with a keen understanding of publishing in today’s tumultuous business environment. Led by John Sterling, Editor in Chief and Sande Giaccone, Group Publisher - GEN team members are passionate about what they do, and they go the extra mile to deliver the highest levels of excellence to our audience and advertising communities.

This staff is composed of skilled professionals at every level, which makes GEN the top-performing life science media brand around the globe. Let us help you launch successful marketing campaigns!

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