GEN Leads
Deliver Premium Qualified Leads

Editorially driven sponsorships deliver highly qualified and deeply engaged prospects to your database. 9 out of 10* top decision makers who read GEN have the money and authority to make purchasing decisions. Build your custom audience from GEN’s proprietary list of top technologies.
* A Purchasing Intention Audit of the GEN Audience: 2014; Martin Akel & Associates

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GEN Webinars

GEN webinars deliver an unmatched concentration of qualified leads—resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction, and making GEN webinars an integral part of any marketing campaign. Webinars are developed from subject matter of your choice, and can be executed in either audio or video format.

GEN Webinar-(60-75 Minutes)

Create an audio or video webinar from subject matter that reinforces your expertise. You provide the topic, we do the rest:

• Editorial consulting

• Archive for 12 months

• Production management

• Copy of webinar file for your marketing

• Multichannel promotion

• Final product: 60-75 minutes

• Lead delivery report


 We are truly happy with our GEN Webinar...Of the 400 registrants, we can track 20 orders.”

Susanne Olauson
Director Sales & Marketing, Genovis

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GEN eBooks

GEN’s eBook program places highly qualified and deeply engaged prospects directly into the hands of your sales team. Our innovative, interactive eBook platform allows you to place educational content, assets, and ads alongside high-valued GEN content on a topic of your choice. To view, users must fill out a registration form—making eBooks a surefire lead-generation tool for you.

You select the topic, and we’ll do the rest:

  • Editorial management
  • Layout and design
  • Multichannel promotion
  • Lead delivery report
  • Traffic and engagement reporting
  • Archive for 12 months
  • Link to eBook for your marketing
  • Final product: 20-25 pages

 The eBook was definitely worth doing. The leads are still being nurtured and we continue to use it as a sales tool..”

Gareth Jones
Global Head of Instrumentation Sales, TTP Labtech Limited